KKC & Other Audio Stuff

Some Recordings of Various KKC Luminaries and others
 in Various Parts of the World.

KL7/G4DMA:  Flo was running a large log-periodic aerial at the time and a few hundred Watts I seem to remember.  The 'wobbly' sound on some of the Alaska audio is an effect of the signals crossing over the pole and not my tape recorder :)
Flo was a huge signal and just listen to that lovely quiet background on 17m - not like that these days sadly.


 KL7DMA1 - on 17m, probably 2001'ish

KL7DMA2 - on 17m, probably 2001'ish

EA8/G4STA - The GodFather of KKC on 17m 29th April 2001

G3ZMF - Frank chatting to Adam, G7CRQ, on GB3NS in January 2009

VK6s on 10m - VK6s KRC, CB and APZ and G4FKK on 10m back in 2001 - 10m background noise not as quiet as that any more :(
                          I had a 3 element mono-bander for 10m up in those days and 400W from a pair of 813s.  They don't make sunspots like that any more!

TopBand Beacon - A short sample of the jingle bells underneath G3WPDs 10W of AM from an EL84 on 1.900 MHz - takes you right back :)

K1KWs AM on 10m - 10m AM from the States back in 1999

Some AM on TopBand - Featuring Roger, G4BXM and Graham, G3XTZ in 1999

Next up some audio I recorded in the early to mid 1970s when I was a keen SWL.  Please note that the receiver was a home-made Direct Conversion effort
which drifted if you breathed and also had no agc.  The only way to get any RF gain control was to de-tune the front end which led to even less selectivity
than it started with.  I was about 13 or 14 when I recorded this stuff and that's my excuse for the terrible levels!!

G4DMA - CQ on top-band with his modified KW Vespa and 520' aerial.

G3ZPS - Steve calling CQ in the Verulam Club Contest around Christmas time.

My mentor, G2ANT, having a chat with Frank, G4DZB (who was using AM),  in the middle of the Verulam Club Contest.

G2ANT working G3JMJ in the Verulam Club Contest.

G4BXT in the Verulam Club Contest.